A Lazy Yercaud

Yes we decided on yercaud for a lazy boys trip after dropping pondicherry and Goa! Can you believe? we dropped Goa as the former was due frequently visited one and latter far to drive in our friend’s brand new SUV. Guys generally hate to drive long when we are on a boy’s trip especially with a chopped car speed and the unsettled new vehicle πŸ™‚

Nonetheless, it was indeed a calm and slow soothing trip away from humdrums of the routine chores at home and office, especially rusted because of the corona outbreak, although with reduced intensity but still lurking around as “shadows of our souls”. When guys turn men, close to 40 age, they suffer IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) – that’s what we felt after our early morning brunch as we entered tamil nadu – missing much awaited breakfast at Sarvana bhavan, which we never did in the whole four day trip πŸ™‚

So we drive through the Bengaluru, hosur, krishnagiri, dharmapuri – salem route with no much hiccups in our friend’s new KIA with sunroof , with speeds not crossing beyond 90-100 km/hr. As a twist to the story, we visited hogenakkal. Since it was a sunday there was a mad rush of people around 9:30 am and no parking available. All were parking in some nearby hotel park ground, just few meters before the falls entry. It was fun maneuvering in the (teppa) circular boat with deep fierce river amidst huge rocky mountains. We also had good small dive in the water, although it is considered dangerous to go into strong streams as many have lost lives in this hogenakkal falls. Therefore be cautious of the streams and do not go all alone in some deserted areas in the water. One piece of advice is to not give extra money to the labour their who take you in the boat. It costs only Rs750 for the complete ride (4 people in one boat) but the person in blue wear (maybe their local uniform – boating ) looted us with extra Rs600 saying he will drop us close to the car parking area floating over the river. Please check some of pics of hogenakkal below.

After playing in river, it just felt like below quotes say “Let your arms be wide open to every moment you meet and Learn to flow like the waves that make a sea”.

It was almost 2pm once we were out of this expedition, we made a mistake of not having lunch here and it felt just like the saying “if you are carrying your restlessness in your stomach you are dead”. Then we moved onto salem route and did not find any good restaurants until we met Hotel Selvi and Salem πŸ™‚ The food was awesome – Andhra Style and we almost felt like getting ‘oasis in the desert!’

We reached Salem around 4pm and since it was a sunday saw a gust of vehicles running down the hairpin bends to our Sterling booking for 3Ns. I must say the food and ambience on the hill top at sterling was like a gust of wind saying to live free and our heart said “May every moment gift you a new sight to greet”. Checkout some of the wonderful pics at Sterling Yercaud.

We enjoyed our stay at Sterling Yercaud with nice buffet breakfast and in room dining options. Played TT, Scramble, Carom board and shuttle. So the next day we spent most of the time in the resort itself with a Lazy walk in Gent’s (Better) and Ladies seat. These are the hill top panoramic view spots. When you walk up the gent’s seat above sterling on the hill top, there is a children’s play park and the view is very beautiful.

Story around Gent’s seat: I am not sure about this anecdote but heard from one of the coffee/tea stall /security people here. Ladies and Gent’s seat were places of suicide points long before in olden days. This thought made me think we are staying on cemetery πŸ™‚ We discussed at Gent’s seat to plan for a Cable car by govt from this place to salem and to have a coffee shop or shooting spot, as the garden around and sky way pics were very good.

Gent’s seat Pics:

At his view I could not stop thinking “if you are carrying the spark of your dreams in your eyes you are alive, if you are carrying wonder in your eyes you are alive”.

Yercaud, weather-wise is a very good place to stay but not much places to see. Do not buy any chocolates or other perfumes as there are not of much taste. We loafed around the lake and had bread omlets with lemon tea, near lake which was again very delicious. Then hit upon to visit the Shevaroy Temple, which has a large level ground on the hill top, again with many exhibition games to experience like Shooting ballons, Giant wheel and rolling boat etc as shown in the below pics (Includes Lake pics too). One could also try the coffee estate treks around here, which we did not explore.

On the next day we ventured out and had breakfast at Venkateshwara old hotel run by a guy from Karnataka after checking google reviews . It was decent food but the coffee was not available and we were suggested to have coffee at nearby bakery. For lunch we wanted to visit rascal restaurant but much to the hype it was mainly meant for non vegetarians and booking was based on prior appointment πŸ™‚ This Rascal restaurant has nice quotes all around the hotel, but we did not feel as great as in one of the TripAdvisor comments. We again stepped upon “Selvam hotel”, which had decent Andhra style food. To our surprise there were not much wine shops here in yercaud and so we took them from “TASMAC Mall shop” as per google, where I felt a guy was selling the bottles as if selling black tickets from a house turned shop.

Breakfast Pics:

Hence a lazy trip to yercaud …..

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